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Every Day, Artist Nina Levy Draws On Her Kids’ Napkins. The Trade Value On These Lunches Must Be Insane.

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Each morning, Nina Levy gets lunch together for her 11 and 7 year-old sons. Archer and Ansel then take their packed lunches to school, like many other kids do. Unlike other children, though, they can expect to find a special surprise in their lunches every day. (It’s not something they can eat, either.) That’s because their mom Nina is an artist and she has been drawing on her sons’ napkins daily since 2006. She mainly uses art markers and paint markers for these little projects. Since Nina began surprising her sons with these awesome, tiny artworks, she has been documenting the napkin designs and posting them on her blog. And good thing, too. They are awesome.

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“Octobear and Sharktopus”


“Cherry Blossoms with Cat and Bird”

“Skateboarding Dog”

“Hiccup’s Father, Stoick’s Dragon, “Skullcrusher””

“Around 11 pm at our House”

“Fox With A Fish”

“The Spring Cherry Blossom Themed Dragon”

“Fluffy Longboards an Icelandic Highway”

“Happy Thanksgivukkah from the Menorah Turkey”

“Superman and Batman”

“Kitty Water Gun Sniper”

Nina Levy

Ansel and Archer

Winner of The TUACA Napkin Art Competition (Not For The Kids)

“I haven’t missed a school or summer camp day yet, so I have had plenty of opportunity for practice to participate in the TUACA napkin art competition. My fixation with lions (the TUACA bottle features two lions) was fortunate to win the grand prize.” (Nina Levy via Bored Panda) Hopefully Nina’s children appreciate just how cool their mom is. When I used to take my lunch to school, I would just get excited if there was an extra Twinkie inside. It’s hard to imagine the excitement they get to experience every day when they open up their bags. Share her work with others by clicking below. What she does for her kids is truly special.

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