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Eric Boehlert slammed after criticizing Christie for Obama-like explanation

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Yes you read that right. Media Matters’ Dem flack Eric Boehlert is criticizing Chris Christie for borrowing President Obama’s signature move:!/EricBoehlert/status/421315349380730880

Wow, the partisan blinders are still securely in place.

"Christie heard about a scandal from his staff? LAME."

"Obama heard about a scandal by watching the news? Oh, coolio!"

cc @EricBoehlert— Bethany Bowra (@BethanyBowra) January 09, 2014!/schargel/status/421349945397243904!/TuckerJerbs/status/421316204096401408

And don’t forget this:!/talkradio200/status/421315815325962241



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