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Empowerment? Cosmo editor: Self-defense for women is ‘icky’

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Hey “crazies,” don’t you dare hold Cosmopolitan social media editor Elisa Benson responsible for her own words! What did she say? Well, as Twitchy reported, the winner of the Miss USA pageant was asked a question about sexual assault on college campuses. She suggested women learn how to defend themselves. The horror! Cue feminist freak-out, natch.

Cosmo’s Ms. Benson enlightened everyone with her thoughts about Miss Nevada’s answer: Oh so “icky.”!/elisabenson/status/475829677148631040

Icky old guns and stuff. That’s for boys, huh Ms. Benson? Wow, you’ve come a long way baby.!/JohnEkdahl/status/475853127837822976

And their forgetfulness:!/GPollowitz/status/475846205164257280


Twitter users rightly gave Ms. Benson the business.!/redsteeze/status/475855679673356288!/redsteeze/status/475856378876411904!/BiasedGirl/status/475853343685091328!/chelseagrunwald/status/475850542900445184

Bingo. Empowerment? Not so much.!/redsteeze/status/475863003871838208

Yep. Once again, it is feminists and the Left who have a war on women. Defend yourselves? Heaven forfend. Just let them pat you on the head while you scurry to make them some sammiches.

And an exit question for Cosmopolitan:!/redsteeze/status/475847935100338176


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