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Dying! Can Denver Broncos say ‘blame Canada’ for real? [pics]

, , ,!/shanemcr/status/429751555387326464

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Oh, we all should have seen the Denver Broncos Super Bowl loss coming! As Twitchy reported, some Twitter users did.!/DamianHadada/status/430150484364492800

Tell us how you really feel!

The blame came in full force during the Super Bowl on Sunday night.!/BRinYEG/status/430183239777402881!/HannYarborough/status/430158716399534081

Mayor Rob Ford wore a Broncos jersey
#SuperBowl48— john zourbanos (@jzourba92) February 03, 2014!/williamtaylor31/status/430161280683347968!/astridlange/status/430160986318716929!/Flag_King/status/430154308722507776

Trifecta of jinx!

And this football fan brings it all home with a request:!/sophielui/status/430153952504471552



‘Sorry, Denver’: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has a Super Bowl favorite [pics]

Full Twitchy coverage of crack-smoking Mayor Rob Ford

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