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Disturbed’s David Draiman freaks out on Michele Bachmann over parody!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/396132076467924992

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Sometimes David Draiman of Disturbed and Device gets it right. And sometimes he gets it very, very wrong.

No, Michele Bachmann didn’t endorse an “actual ad” suggesting you can catch the gay from smoking up.!/AdamJColquhoun/status/396136844212989953!/IndyRoadie/status/396157001643741184

Draiman responded to several tweets cluing him in that he got it wrong. First he claimed it was just a question.!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/396242835948572672

From “just askin’ questions” to “fake, but accurate”:!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/396250772024737792!/DAVIDMDRAIMAN/status/396250923216814080

Just in case Draiman’s tweet disappears, here’s the obviously fake parody ad that got him worked up.


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