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Conservatives offer up helpful #ObamaDebateTips!/Imaumbn/status/258294834081697792

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Most people agree that President Obama’s performance in the last debate was rather lacking. Ever eager to help, conservative Twitter users are offering Obama some tips to help him win tonight’s debate:

#ObamaDebateTips avoid Benghazi, just like you did when they asked for more security.

— TheIgnorantLeft (@TheIgnorantLeft) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTips Just do everything you did last time and you will do fine.

— Candice (@CandiLissa) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTipsDon’t point out how your European-style policies are working out for Europe.

— Austin G. Hart (@AustinGHart) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTips Wear a Big Bird costume.

— Matthew Burke (@MatthewKBurke) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTips Laugh hard. Laugh often. People love that.

— Diane Robb (@LegitDiane) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTips Remind everyone their kids could enjoy 4 more years of Michelles delicious school lunches. #NoThanx

—Nancy (@nmhowie) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTips Off complementary food stamps to all the college kids in attendance since they’ll need them when they graduate

— Tom Janoski (@tsj_washington) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTips widen campaign bus in case you need to throw more people under it…

— el SOOPer (@SooperMexican) October 16, 2012

#ObamaDebateTips Hang with the Choom Gang before hand…

— blasater (@blasater) October 16, 2012


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