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A Definitive Ranking Of Every “Real Housewives” Tagline Ever

Holla! Updates 198. DeShawn Snow, Atlanta — Season 1 View this image › Destined for greatness, or just one season as a Housewife? Bravo 197. Karent Sierra, Miami — Season 2 View this image › We get it, you’re a dentist. Bravo 196. Jo De La Rosa, OC — Season 1 View this image › […]


Jeb Bush smeared with nonexistent quote about minorities and welfare

, , , ,!/MarcACaputo/status/452197858091872256 That doesn’t sound like something Jeb Bush would say, especially if he has his eye on a 2016 run.!/EEElverhoy/status/452198984753233920 Mike Papantonio of Ring of Fire Radio offers a link to as proof.!/ringoffireradio/status/452198948145745921 The problem: that quote doesn’t appear anywhere on the page, nor does the word “minorities.”!/hannaman00/status/452203232920870912!/ringoffireradio/status/452199152290922496 Classy. Again, […]


‘Everything will be fine now’: White House unleashes pro-refugee hashtag

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The Obama administration insists that the Syrian refugees they want to bring to the United States consists of “widows and orphans,” and in order to convince everybody that’s the case, the White House has upped their social media PR game: Yep, there it is: The promise of hashtag, part 462! Read more:


Dead again: Jackie Chan killed off by another social media death hoax!/NicoleCocozza1/status/381162379134140416 No, there are no reliable reports that Jackie Chan “actually died.” But he has come down with another case of celebrity death hoax. This isn’t the first time this year that the Internet killed off Chan, but that doesn’t stop the rumors from going viral each and every time.!/souryasilwal/status/381202692799860736!/JKalinin/status/381238820420608002 Chan is reportedly […]


‘Get your bets in’! Joe Biden levels criticism at Bernie and Hillary

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Will Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton interpret this as footsteps approaching from behind? In the interview, Biden criticized Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders for downplaying the “economic recovery under Barack Obama.” Any consensus on what that means, other than that Biden’s been listening to the administration’s bogus narrative way too much? Read more: