Remarkable News And Funny Pictures

Singer Ryan Adams likens people who support Chick-fil-A to racists!/TheRyanAdams/status/231185056683663360 Singer Ryan Adams, a.k.a. Mr. Mandy Moore, tweeted that photo tonight. Evidently, he thinks patrons of Chick-fil-A are morally equivalent to racist protesters who opposed integration in the 1950s. In so doing, he implied that gay Americans today face struggles similar to the ones that black Americans faced 40 (or 60) years ago. The […]


These Giant Pythons Fighting Will Make You Grateful You Don’t Live In Australia

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In Australia, the seasons are reversed from the way we experience them here in North America. Now, as North America is preparing for the wonder that is fall, Australia is getting ready for spring. And what better way to kick off the season than by finding two male carpet pythons fighting each other right outside […]


When She Sees What The Humans Are Doing, This Pup Decides To Join The Fun!

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Ask any dog and it’ll tell you humans have a hard time appreciating the fun things in life. We eat the most delicious food and yet we insist on using weird tools instead of just digging in. We drive cars but never want to stick our heads out the window. And the real kicker? We […]


Now The Internet Belongs To Us — And To Politics

Thursday’s net neutrality ruling was a victory for consumers. It also ushers in a new age for the mainstream politics of the internet. View this image › Net neutrality won. The internet is ours! We’ve taken it! Stolen it back from the people who, well, provide it to us at a pretty reasonable rate, truth […]