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Graffiti And Moss Ruin Buildings, But When You Combine Them? It’s Magical.

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Graffiti has a bad reputation. It’s true that graffiti was (and is) sometimes used by gang members to mark their territories. However, it is also just as common for artists to showcase their wonderful talents using graffiti. Isn’t it odd that people hate on the graffiti, which we can craft to make beautiful, but for some […]


Know What The Inside Of A Turtle’s Mouth Looked Like? Get Ready To Be Terrified.

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The leatherback turtle is the biggest turtle in the world. These wonderful creatures start out small and then grow into giant 1,000 monsters of the deep. On the outside they just look like your regular, everyday giant turtle. But when they open their mouths it’s a whole different story.   Here’s a full grown leatherback turtle, […]


Here Are The Healthiest Foods You Can Find At Fast Food Restaurants.

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Historically, fast food restaurants have been bashed for their “unhealthy” food. While, yes, there are many unhealthy meals on fast food restaurant menus, that doesn’t mean all of them are bad. All restaurants have options that are unhealthier than others. After going through the menus of some fast food giants, I was able to find […]


These 12 Rare Yet Awesome Weather Phenomena Will Blow Your Mind. I Still Can’t Get Over #10… Wow.

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Weather events and anomalies are a constant source of wonder. It makes sense why humans are left in awe by their power and beauty. Natural wonders are so impressive because they are completely out of our control. These strange weather phenomena in particular are especially magnificent because they are so rare. You may think you […]