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Here Are The Most Disturbing Facts About Student Loan Debt In America.

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When most people enter college, they will incur a fair amount of student loan debt. Although it isn’t necessary for most students, it’s what usually ends up happening for one reason or another. It is a problem that will plague most graduates for many many years after they graduate. To solve the problem, we must first […]


This Is The Damage A Presidential Term Or Two Can Do. Look At Those Wrinkles!

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No one said being President of the United States was an easy job. As the President, you work 24/7, and have to make decisions that impact the lives of millions (and sometimes billions) of people. That’s pretty darn stressful. It’s no wonder that presidents leave the White House with more than their fair share of wrinkles […]


Girl With A Very Rare Disease Meets The Extremely Rare Donor Who Saved Her Life.

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A young Wisconsin girl, who would have died a few years ago without a bone marrow transplant, has finally met the man whose donation ended up saving her life. Three years ago Mira Erdmann was diagnosed with a very rare auto-immune disease that affects about one in a million people. Doctors told her parents that […]


Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 Crashed In Ukraine, Possibly A Result Of Ground-To-Air Missiles.

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Tragedy struck earlier today when Malaysian Airline flight MH17 crashed in Ukraine, near the Russian border. The area has been rife with violence because of the Ukranian conflict that erupted there in April of this year. All 295 people that were aboard the commercial jet died, including 23 American citizens. This event is absolutely tragic. […]