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Brit Hume’s instant classic Obamacare truth-bomb becomes a meme [pic]

, , ,!/brithume/status/395561880334643200

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In October, Fox News’ Brit Hume nailed the devastating reality of Obamacare with that tweet. Months later, he appears tickled to discover that his words have received the meme treatment.!/brithume/status/436697031986655232

Uh oh. Is Hume dipping his toes in the meme-sturbatory #Fugelsanging pool?!/BigJebBos/status/436698192055640065

Nah. He gets a pass since he’s just noting that the pic is “ricocheting around on Twitter.” And besides, Brit Hume is no John Fugelsang. That science is settled.

The October tweet has 3,270 retweets and last night’s tweet has over 560 retweets and counting. Here’s why:!/winsomewaif/status/436887666303328256!/DonlynTurnbull/status/436697517300776960

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