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Blogger overhears intel officials saying NSA leaker should be ‘disappeared’!/ggreenwald/status/343487643717349376

Remember that tidbit about the Chinese president deciding not to sleep over at the lush Sunnylands estate with President Obama because of concerns of eavesdropping? Maybe that wasn’t such a bad idea. According to a series of tweets by Atlantic editor-at-large Steve Clemons, U.S. intel officials aren’t very careful about speaking their minds in public.!/TMrjmki/status/343394580638617600!/NeilWMcCabe/status/343403430427099137!/TruthVsWorld/status/343427032677486592!/AnupKaphle/status/343428688513220609

Recent news stories suggest this might not be the best time to report on conversations that aren’t flattering to the administration (and/or compromise national security). That guy who made that YouTube video that caused the Benghazi attack? He might be getting a cell mate soon.!/SCClemons/status/343440037695873024!/SCClemons/status/343441121592102912!/SCClemons/status/343441437242847232!/SCClemons/status/343443097667117057!/SCClemons/status/343478622822227968!/cfishman/status/343482596484870145

So, is this a case of intelligence officials letting something slip in public, or is it just some guys being loud?!/Mr_Electrico/status/343493028847181824

Unfortunately, they weren’t loud enough. Clemons is currently looking to clean up the audio before posting, but stay tuned (and don’t tell secrets in airport lounges, just in case).!/journeyDONTseek/status/343507590338187265!/candycelgleason/status/343506558778494976!/SCClemons/status/343518989865062400

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