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‘Barack the union buster’? Obama suggests striking workers should be fired; Update: Union responds!/MangyLover/status/385794356969754624

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Rut-roh …

Speaking — or, rather, shouting — this morning in Rockville, Maryland, President Obama once again used his “bullsh*t pulpit” to rail against the lazy GOP for failing to bring anything that pleases him to the negotiating table. During the course of his tantrum, he attempted to use a real-world analogy to describe his frustration with the Republicans, who evidently refuse to work unless they get their way. But instead, he may have ticked off some of his most ardent supporters: labor unions.

Here’s what he said:!/nbcwashington/status/385782823384547328


That’s sure what it sounds like to us …!/emzanotti/status/385796688465518592

Last time we checked.!/MomMilkshake/status/385782888605954048!/RBPundit/status/385793103249940480

What say the labor unions? We’re very curious:!/RBPundit/status/385795079966699520!/RBPundit/status/385795604405694464

Oh, to be flies on the wall at the next SEIU meeting …

In any event, now that President Petulance has opened this can of worms, here’s some food for thought:!/NumbersMuncher/status/385794068858404864

True story.



Oh boy:!/RBPundit/status/385812384847101952

Just one so far:!/RBPundit/status/385812293121888256!/RBPundit/status/385813110382002176

Will we hear from others?



Welp, somehow, the IBEW managed to turn this into an opportunity to take a swipe at the GOP:!/IBEW/status/385819091531214849


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