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AP reports ‘news’ of George Zimmerman speeding ticket; Mockery ensues!/RBPundit/status/375366264795193344

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George Zimmerman was pulled over for driving 60 mph in a 45 mph zone in Florida yesterday, and the Associated Press was all over it:!/AP/status/375362662466867200

Other mainstream news outlets were on it as well:!/Matthops82/status/375366349230325760

Some tweeters wondered how a speeding ticket constituted “news”:!/hale_razor/status/375367259784355840!/Thorrison/status/375367719182295041

Others speculated about what other Zimmerman stories the AP might find as newsworthy:!/anthropocon/status/375369554614321153!/JayCaruso/status/375368938672357376!/Thorrison/status/375368069549289472

A possible Obama administration scapegoat for that whole “red line” mess has been identified:!/Matthops82/status/375369199708676096

Here is a link to a short video of Zimmerman’s incredibly non-dramatic but apparently newsworthy traffic stop:!/GlobalGrindNews/status/375368596324880384



Piers Morgan schooled over George Zimmerman possessing gun during Texas traffic stop

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