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Adam Baldwin backs up fellow Twitterers, incurs anti-Semite’s wrath!/adamsbaldwin/status/202503901788913664

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Up until last week, actor Adam Baldwin had tried to give blogger Brooks Bayne the benefit of the doubt when his character was called into question, attempting to highlight any positive contributions Bayne may have made to the Tea Party cause. But Bayne has come under fire on Twitter over the past several months for anti-Semitic tweets, both blatant and subtle. He sent out these tweets this afternoon:!/brooksbayne/status/202501469851758592!/brooksbayne/status/202501644880056320!/brooksbayne/status/202506619978911746!/brooksbayne/status/202509165472657408!/brooksbayne/status/202511897474506752

Baldwin had finally had it, and he stuck up for fellow Twitterers Bethany Mandel and Josh Treviño, who have been diligently hammering Bayne for his anti-Semitism.

What followed was a war of words between Bayne and Baldwin in which one man demonstrated himself to be competent, thoughtful, and capable of reason. The other … not so much. See if you can guess which man is which:!/adamsbaldwin/status/202509630558056449!/brooksbayne/status/202512750948253697!/adamsbaldwin/status/202512088155959296!/brooksbayne/status/202514585524248578!/adamsbaldwin/status/202514924587597824!/adamsbaldwin/status/202515772445171713!/brooksbayne/status/202518489309773824!/adamsbaldwin/status/202518828889030656!/adamsbaldwin/status/202516588476375040!/adamsbaldwin/status/202521190424784897!/brooksbayne/status/202522013632438273!/adamsbaldwin/status/202524634053222400!/brooksbayne/status/202526846519218176!/brooksbayne/status/202527792804540417

Final score: Baldwin 1, Bayne 0.

Seriously, though. Brooks’ nasty tweets have no place in the Tea Party movement, and Adam was right to take him to task.


Oh, and just for giggles, the serial tweeter decided to insult his detractors:!/brooksbayne/status/202513089193721856

The humor of that didn’t escape Leah Blair:


— Leah Blair (@leahblizz) May 15, 2012

Pot, kettle … you know the drill.

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