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A Fight Broke Out Between 6 Bulldozers, And It’s About As Awesome As You’d Think

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When two competing construction companies in China tried to settle a dispute over a job, instead of being civil, they opted for the “let’s take things outside” route…

While that might sound pretty harmless too, things escalated quickly…because they were using their bulldozers instead of their fists.

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The result is pretty much what would happen if the Transformers fought while staying in vehicle form. Luckily, no one was hurt, so we can all sit back and enjoy the hell out of this clash of industrial titans.

This is pretty much how I used to play with my Tonka trucks as a kid…only these bulldozers are REAL here.

According to Vox, China’s construction industry has been experiencing extremely low growth for the past few years, so it’s understandable that tensions would be high between builders. But should you really be destroying your own equipment during a recession? Not that I’m complaining — that was supremely awesome to watch!

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