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9 dead after violent storms; Instagram users hardest hit?

“My Instagram” trended nationally this morning as users of the popular image-sharing service struggled to come to terms with their inability to share pics of their ingrown toenails and mid-morning snacks.

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If you're having trouble with Instagram, Netfix and Pinterest blame it on last night's storms in the mid-Atlantic. Massive power outages.

— WTVA NEWS (@wtvanews) June 30, 2012

Instagram, Netflix and Pinterest were among the Amazon Cloud-driven services knocked out by the destructive storm in Virginia last night. Nine people are dead, millions are without power, and governors in Ohio, West Virginia, and Virginia have declared statewide emergencies.

No. Va. outage map:

— David Freddoso (@freddoso) June 30, 2012

oh, regarding instagram bring down…it's due to a big fuck off storm. 2 people have died. your pictures of mirror pouts and dinner can wait

— luke thompson (@lukas__) June 30, 2012

But … but … Instagram!!11!

omg, my Instagram is down….day ruined.

— Nathan Ridlehoover (@nateridlehoover) June 30, 2012

My instagram isnt working and im going to kill a baby.

— no (@brooke_murphy21) June 30, 2012

Omg I'm about to die without my instagram fool I'm addicted!!!!

— Brian Kidd (@HardHeadKidd) June 30, 2012

i barely check my twitter anymore but my instagram is my whole life and i havent refreshed it for 18 hours.. #imightdie

— Katelyn Bashore (@BAd_forSHORE) June 30, 2012

Omgg how can I eat right now if I can't post a photo of it on @instagram ? #help #dying

— Rosy Cordero (@SocialRosy) June 30, 2012

I can't use my instagram because a damn storm wiped out there coverage center wat in the actual fuck #houstonwehaveaproblem

— Mel Val (@MelV2Pretty) June 30, 2012

So my instagram just told me that there was a storm in Virginia effected the service n they have a team on it now fuck my LIFE

— 8/13 (@WellMy_NameSuzy) June 30, 2012

Three cheers for priorities.

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