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It’s a DOOZY –> White Nationalists and AntiFa will HATE this Iowahawk tweet (but you’ll laugh!)

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This is a point we’ve been trying to make from the get-go, while one side blames White Nationalists and the other side blames AntiFa, they have sorta missed this common denominator: Mob 1: JEWS WILL NOT REPLACE USMob 2: FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA PALESTINE WILL BE FREE*eyes meet**baseball bats drop**giant orgy* — David […]


This Old Street Dog Was Injured And Couldn’t Stand, But Look At Him A Month Later!

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No one knows how long this elderly dog had been stuck in a sewage gutter before a kind soul fished him out. Sadly, though, that wasn’t the end of his hardship. The poor boy suffered a severe gash on his hindquarters and was in so much pain that he couldn’t stand. If the amazing people […]


Story of racist LAPD from ‘Django Unchained’ actress ‘falling apart’ [pics]

, , ,!/IamAkademiks/status/512265077194764288 “Falling apart” because of body cameras and 911 transcripts: Daniele Watts' Story About a Racist LAPD Stop Is Falling Apart — Hunter Walker (@hunterw) September 17, 2014 An excerpt: An LAPD official said Parker had responded to a call reporting lewd acts. The official told us the exact dispatcher comments of the citizen’s […]