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When She Sees What The Humans Are Doing, This Pup Decides To Join The Fun!

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Ask any dog and it’ll tell you humans have a hard time appreciating the fun things in life. We eat the most delicious food and yet we insist on using weird tools instead of just digging in. We drive cars but never want to stick our heads out the window. And the real kicker? We […]


Now The Internet Belongs To Us — And To Politics

Thursday’s net neutrality ruling was a victory for consumers. It also ushers in a new age for the mainstream politics of the internet. View this image › Net neutrality won. The internet is ours! We’ve taken it! Stolen it back from the people who, well, provide it to us at a pretty reasonable rate, truth […]


ED to seek Vijay Mallya’s ‘transfer’ from UK

The Enforcement Directorate has readied a formal request to be sent to the United Kingdom under the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) for the “transfer” of Kingfisher Airlines promoter Vijay Mall Read more:


5 Times Scientists Have Suspiciously Died After Making Big Discoveries

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Okay, say you’re the leader of a country and a few scientists discover something that could change the world. You could bribe the researchers to keep their mouths shut, but wouldn’t it be easier just to kill them? I’m not saying that this happens a lot, but there has definitely been some shadiness afoot over […]


Heh: AP and ‘Today’ spotted some guy named George ‘Straight’ at the CMAs!/upinthisbrain/status/398310478788558848 We all make mistakes, but it’s been more than a day and NBC’s “Today” website is still reporting that someone named “George Straight” appeared at the Country Music Association Awards. George Strait could not be reached for comment. Get it Strait, guys. Next NBC News will tell us all about the family of “Marvin […]