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New York Observer Stands By Journalist Who Smeared Kremlin Foes

Mikhail Klikushin has written several stories for the paper, all of which fall in line with Russian government propaganda points. View this image › The New York Observer is standing by a reporter who has written more than a dozen articles for the outlet with a slavishly pro-Kremlin bent, the most recent a story […]


Everything About This Man’s Experience In The Bathroom Is Unpleasant

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For those of us who already fear public bathrooms, this is precisely what we do not need to hear. While using the bathroom at an animal charity store in Solihull, England, Blue Cross volunteer Peter Edge felt that he was in the midst of a bizarre prank when he saw a fake snake draped over […]


A Cop Saw A Mama Duck Freaking Out. Then He Did Something Adorable!

While out for a walk, Susan Carnes stumbled upon a group of tiny ducklings stuck in a storm drain. Unsure of what to do, Carnes called Tampa Police and before long, Officer Cameron Greene arrived to save the day. After retrieving a large crow bar from his squad car, he pried open the storm grate […]


Mosque where Orlando gunman worshipped is set on fire

The mosque that Orlando nightclub gunman Omar Mateen attended was heavily damaged in an arson fire that Muslim leaders said was the latest incident in an escalating campaign of harassment and violenc Read more:


‘Oh hell no’: Have health food manufacturers gone too far? [pic]

,!/lucidashell_/status/518887187279273984 Ok, the “all natural” thing is good but can we all agree that people have gotten just a little nuts with the kale? Enough already. Oh, hell no. — Phelony Jones (@phelony_jones) October 5, 2014 @phelony_jones @lamblock I do like their root beer but I'm not about to try kale cola. — Nied's […]


Nick Jonas Reveals The Jonas Brothers Were Almost A Punk Band

The singer charmed Oxford University during his frank discussion about “resilience”. Here are the highlights. View this image › Roger Askew / Rex/REX USA/BuzzFeed Last week Nick Jonas appeared at Oxford University to talk about his life growing up in the public eye. And the singer showed just how laidback he can be by answering […]