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The Power and Terror of Claire Underwood’s Hair

Claire Underwood’s hair holds all the secrets of the White House. Spoilers abound. View this image › Nathaniel E Bell / Via Netflix (Before you begin, I’m warning you there are third season spoilers ahead. You’ve been sufficiently warned.) There are particular movements you may do without noticing, thousands of times in your life. Tucking […]


There’s Something In This Peaceful Picture That You Don’t Realize. When You See It…OMG.

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This looks like a peaceful farmhouse. It looks like a nearby field is softly draped in fog or snow. But the truth is actually terrifying: these lands have been completely taken over by millions and millions of spiders. Fight the urge to burn your own house down as you read this. Terrible flooding throughout Australia […]


False rumor: Rapper Ja Rule died in a jet ski accident!/Obeyy_Yvonnexx/status/186266680203284480 Twitter is saddened by the horrible news that rapper Ja Rule died in a tragic jet ski accident: RIP Ja Rule — Pavi Thind (@PaviThind) April 1, 2012!/Check_NATE/status/186278961666469888 JA RULE DIED — PHYLICIA LUVINTAVE (@LUVINTAVE) April 1, 2012 RIP JA RULE. — Bri Rafish (@BriMoore7) March 31, 2012!/LaTorria_L/status/186263543375609856!/ThatCoolGemini/status/186280233077440512 Just one tiny problem: […]