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This Dog Was Rescued In The Most Horrible Condition And It’s A Heartbreaking Sight

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googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DTBT_ATF’); }); As I’m sure you know by now, we here at ViralNova are no strangers to stories of animals being saved from terrible abuse. But after coming across this poor pup’s story, we had to agree with his rescuers when they said that it is one of the most horrific cases of […]


Did Obama perform the #LatteSalute with a Styrofoam cup?

, , , ,!/DennisDMZ/status/514574497006247936 We can’t confirm that the president was indeed drinking his beverage out of a Styrofoam cup, but if so, oh the hypocrisy — it burns! Obama's 'Styrofoam cup salute' provokes Republican outrage — The Independent (@Independent) September 24, 2014 You have to carry the dog off the helicopter. You don't have to […]


Judge grants motion for discovery into Clinton’s email server

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders never tires of telling audiences that the average donation to his campaign is only $27, and sometimesit seems like his supporters have overpaid. Does he really want to win? Sanders famously interrupted the first Democratic debate to express how sick and tired he was of hearing about Clinton’s “damn emails.” […]


This New Instagram Trend Has People Creating The High Heels Of Their Dreams

Strap that pizza box to your heels and call it art. The strange Instagram trend #Heelconcepts was started back in December by the user @m.sty, an artist and textile designer. Others began picking it up — and now there are hundreds of variations online. 2. To participate, ‘Grammers simply create a fake “shoe” and […]