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New York Times proud that Obama ‘has become a leader’

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We haven’t yet seen Sunday’s print edition of the New York Times, but the website is almost fully devoted to the climate change agreement reached in Paris. The headline has changed a bit since this screenshot was taken, but the idea is the same: “For Mr. Obama, the agreement represents a legacy-shaping success, destined to […]


Are you ready to rrrrrrrrumble? Michelle Malkin vs. Soledad O’Brien on Twitter [Infographic]!/davelucas/status/180642351453188098 Via Dave Lucas: Go over there to read Dave’s take on the comparison. We searched for a photo with both of them, but that might be a combustible mixture. What's the Matter with Soledad O'Brien? | — (@cnsnews) March 14, 2012 Michelle Malkin Exposes Soledad O’Brien's Bias In Defending Derrick Bell […]