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These Lighthouses Aren’t Just Beautiful, They’re Strong, Too.

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A lighthouse may look out of place when the sky is blue and the only thing crashing down on the shore are the sun’s rays. But when there’s a storm coming in, a lighthouse seems right at home, battling it out against the wind, water, and gray. Without their beams of light, many would be lost forever. […]


Instead Of Asking For Directions, These Truckers Made A Horrible Mess

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From the outside, being a truck driver might look easy, but it’s actually a pretty taxing job because of the long hours and the time spent away from the company of your fellow humans. One lesser-known challenge that truckers face is that they’re expected to know the ins and outs of every local road and […]


Wendy Davis’ attack ad against Greg Abbott a ‘tasteless Hail Mary’ [video]

, ,!/jimgeraghty/status/520660657260478464 The Texas gubernatorial campaign of Wendy Davis has reached a desperate low with this attack ad on her Republican opponent Greg Abbott: After getting justice for himself, Greg Abbott spent his career denying that same justice to other victims. WATCH: — Wendy Davis (@WendyDavisTexas) October 10, 2014 What do you all think about […]


When You See What He Does With A Padlock And 2 Wrenches, You’ll Be Frightened

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When we want to protect our valuables, one of our first instincts is to place a lock on them and keep the key hidden. But as we’ve learned more than once, locks are actually much easier to break than we thought. And in this case, when I say “break,” I mean totally obliterate, rendering the […]