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J.R. Smith took his talents to South Beach … and got arrested

J.R. Smith got arrested in Miami for ridin dirty lmao him and Joe Budden don't like paying their tickets — Hattori Hanzō (@Sleazy_RICH) May 25, 2012 J.R. Smith took his talents to South Beach. But unlike Wade and LeBron, who are still using those talents in basketball jerseys and performing in the NBA playoffs, J.R. […]


Lizz Winstead thinks Okla. was asking for natural disasters

GOPklahoma geniuses finally realized those tornadoes didn't just show up onna count they were bored. #OrSomething #Win — Lizz Winstead (@lizzwinstead) April 2, 2012 Ms. Winstead is supposedly a comedienne, but she’s completely serious here. The Oklahoma Senate – those backward country bumpkins! – let a climate-change bill die, and Mother Nature got mad. […]


The Paradoxical Rise Of The Viral Marriage Proposal

In an age when fewer young Americans express interest in marriage, public engagements are more prevalent than ever — and social media isn’t entirely to blame. View this image › New Line Cinemas / Universal Pictures / 20th Century Fox / Touchstone Pictures Late last year, a grand romantic gesture went horribly awry. A Dutch […]