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Wait Til You See What Happens When The Sunlight Hits This Place… WHOA!

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In the middle of Shiraz, Iran, there is one of the most beautiful things any human will ever see. The Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, also known as the Pink Mosque, stands apart from so many other architectural wonders I have ever seen. Every day, when the sunlight hits the mosque, the entire building is flooded with […]


Mike Bowers Calls For A “Swift Death” To Georgia Religious Freedom Bills

The former Georgia attorney general, who defended the state’s sodomy ban, releases a scathing memo opposing proposed religious freedom bills in the state. View this image › Erik S. Lesser / Associated Press WASHINGTON — The former attorney general of Georgia, Mike Bowers, on Tuesday released a scathing seven-page memo detailing why proposed religious freedom […]


Pizza Hut Released A Pizza-Inspired Nail Polish Line

Yes, but does it come with free breadsticks? 1. Pizza Hut Australia recently launched a limited-edition range of nail polish as part of their Valentine’s Day promotions. View this image › Pizza Hut Australia / Via Facebook: pizzahutaustralia Colors include “Voracious Veggie,” “Say Cheese,” and “Poppin Pepperoni.” 2. A pizza manicure using the rare polishes. […]