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10 people who think Manti Te’o is too hot to fake a girlfriend and 10 groupies who want to console him!/JustSayNoee/status/292127959530225664

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And by “people,” we mean Twitter accounts that may or may not be Manti Te’o’s sock puppets.

Why would Manti Te’o to need to have faked a girlfriend? 😍😍 #hottie #noneed #itwasme #guilty 💏💑

— Kristen Ferro (@Kristenx336) January 17, 2013

Why is Te’o makin up a girl ? He sexy asf !

— Madisson Monét (; (@Antonios_Only) January 18, 2013

Manti Teo is too sexy for all of this.

— Heidi Hessefort (@Heidi_Gift) January 17, 2013

Manti is hot he didn’t even need to fake a gf tho

— Tati Chin(@tatichin) January 16, 2013

Manti Te’o is hot, why would you fake a relationship lol

— Ashley Benner (@AshleyBennerr) January 17, 2013

Im confused, why did Te’o make up his GF? he’s really cute, hell he could have hit me up. _0_/

— Fukk yew bitckes (@StrictlyGeeky) January 17, 2013

I don’t get as to why…cause Manti is very attractive

— Syd Lee from the B (@sydneylsanford) January 17, 2013

Te’O is too cute to be lying about having an imaginary girlfriend.

— Monique , ♡ (@theMOEtive_) January 18, 2013

If Manti Te’os online relationship was a fake. It’s stupid. He’s to cute for that.

— Valencia Alston (@OnnMyISh) January 18, 2013

Good news, Manti! As it turns out, a phony dead girlfriend scandal might not hurt your chances at love. There are already offers on the table. No guarantees that they’re real, but that’s cool with you, right?

I’ll console Manti Te’O in his time of need!#hottie 😍

— Brenna (@brennamichele17) January 17, 2013

who cares Manti is hot, I’d date him.

— Katie Lee (@katieee_leee) January 17, 2013

manti te’o is cute as hell ill make him feel better

— Succubi『侘寂』 (@jalen_mander) January 17, 2013

Poor Manti… Let me love you sexy

— Brit(@DearAnne_04) January 17, 2013

Awww Manti Te’o’s so cute. I’ll be your girlfriend lol

— Fat Patricia (@PSoul84) January 17, 2013

-Manti Te’o, I ain’t gonna lie… I’d date you! 🙂

— amandaaa (@__amandaflores) January 18, 2013

Poor Manti 😢 if I was single I would date you!!

— Leann(@leannenglish) January 16, 2013

send me msg te’o an i hook up wit yall sexy ass. dun need 2 pretend bout me doe. #booty

— Sassy (@DeFemmeFatale) January 17, 2013

Te’o, hit me up. I know it’s hard to believe someone this cute is a real person. But I promise I won’t catfish you

— KayLee Anne Skipper (@k_skipppp25) January 17, 2013

Te’o sexy!! Hell I’d be his girlfriend, I’m real. <3

— * A D R I E N N E * (@Adrienne_NY) January 18, 2013

That’s what they all say.

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